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Made from a blend of 100% cotton, this t-shirt provides exceptional comfort, flexibility and durability. Its soft feel against the skin and optimum fit make it perfect.
Meet the new Xpodix T-shirt, a timeless classic for every occasion. Offered in White, Navy Blue, Black, Light Blue and Gray Melange color options, this t-shirt offers a modern touch that will definitely attract attention.

T-shirt Men / Women

Stok kodu: 36542132425
8,00€ Normal Fiyat
7,12€İndirimli Fiyat
  • Min. 1000 pcs.

    Assortment :

    1 pcs. Small

    2 pcs. Medium

    2 pcs. Large

    1 pcs. Xlarge

    1 pcs. 2Xlarge

    As Xpodix, our sales are wholesale, and we kindly ask you for a special price according to your order quantity.

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